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Get Loud Lambeau Include Ref’s Mic

Jan 12, 2015


In the build-up to Sunday’s NFL division final, the Green Bay Packers are encouraging fans to Get Loud Lambeau”, with a whole slew of engaging video, graphics and music.

But somehow, above the melee, one voice definitely needs to be heard—that of the referee. And the sound of that voice will definitely be heard, thanks to a unique upgrade to the sound system at Lambeau Field.

The game-day sound and video production crew can rest easy knowing that even with all the getting loud at Lambeau, the ref’s mic won’t screech with feedback or present other sonic disasters.

“The extraordinary crew at Lambeau is going to make every referee call extraordinarily discernable in a very loud environment,” notes Ted Leamy, COO of audio design and integration firm Pro Media/UltraSound. The technology at Lambeau was built to provide boost in the ref’s decibel levels, hopefully preventing any misheard calls, even if it can’t guarantee there won’t be bad ones or embarrassing gaffes by the refs.