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Intel Promotes Technology Engagement at Levi’s Stadium with Video Systems Designed by Pro Media / UltraSound

Feb 03, 2015
Intel Gate-13

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Intel Promotes Technology Engagement at Levi’s Stadium with Video Systems Designed by Pro Media / UltraSound

Built as a showcase for the innovations of Silicon Valley’s biggest players, Levi’s Stadium, the new $1.3 billion dollar home to the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers, is being labeled one of the most technologically advanced stadiums in the NFL.

Within eyeshot of the stadium is the headquarters of its Founding Partner, Intel, which is inside just about every facet of the facility, from cash points to scoreboards. Appropriately, the stadium’s “front door”, the northwest entrance, was named Intel Plaza.

Seeking to enhance fans’ excitement and pique their interest in its technology exhibits inside the stadium entrance, Intel brought its vision for an interactive video showcase to Pro Media / UltraSound (PM/US). Having worked from the early phases with Levi’s Stadium developers to create the giant 48-by-200-foot HD video scoreboard among other audio and visual feats, PM/US was well prepared to extend the venue’s infrastructure to maximize engagement from the outside in.

Intel asked for, and received, large-scale video displays across multiple screen surfaces. Keeping in mind the crowds that would be flowing through the plaza, the collaboration resulted in a design which offered maximum impact in a compact format. Eight screens were installed in dual-sided 11-foot-tall concrete columns, with outdoor-friendly LED displays configured in the familiar square shape of the Intel logo. Intel was given a number of options for control of the displays’ promotional and entertainment content, which is stored and delivered by Intel servers.

“On game days, it becomes a place for entertainment,” explained PM/US chief technology officer and systems designer on the project, Christian Hugener. “There are a series of interactive graphics and games that challenge fans on how far they can throw, how hard they can hit or how fast can they run. Intel motion sensors enable them to ‘play’ with the video, which generates game-day excitement while also highlighting Intel technology and its role in entertainment at home and in sports venues.” By the end of the first season at Levi’s Stadium, Intel was well-acquainted with the video and interactive options for the plaza and the tech giant was already thinking about the next big thing. PM/US is working on the addition of an audio system for the plaza, and from there, it’s anybody’s guess what these two technology companies will come up with next. There will be plenty of room for new ideas, and plenty of crowds to see them, especially when the 2016 Super Bowl comes to Levi’s Stadium.