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What’s the Best Way to Keep NFL Fans on their Feet?

Feb 27, 2015
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What’s the Best Way to Keep NFL Fans on their Feet?

Manhattan, Kansas (February 2015) – The Fred Bramlage Coliseum, commonly referred to as “The Octagon Of Doom”, is a 12,528-seat multi-purpose arena that is home to the men’s and women’s basketball teams for Kansas State University.

What’s the best way to stay motivated during a grueling workout? Crank the tunes. Music as motivator is an age-old practice, and one that is taking on a new twist in the race to boost fan engagement in stadiums.

More football clubs are hiring “game and fan development managers,” and it’s not just a ploy to sell more tickets (though that wouldn't hurt, either). Team owners are willing to bet that better music wins games.

The strategy is simple. Football players get a boost from fans’ energy. Fans show a lot more energy when they’re on their feet. And if you want fans on their feet, you need to play some music that makes them sing, scream and chant for their heroes on the field.

That’s the theory behind entertainment operations at Lambeau Field, according to Green Bay Press Gazette . Before each and every dame, music and sound cues are planned down to the second, and the live action has its own soundtrack to get the stands shaking.

The Green Bay Packers’ own game and fan development manager, Kandi Goltz, sees a lot of power in game-day production. Gone are the days when stadiums took commercial breaks along with the broadcasts, now the objective is to keep the music pumping and keep the crowd jumping:

"I want them up when we're third down and about to make a big play. It's easy to get up for all the touchdowns, but let's get up when the defense needs us. I just want them up, and I want them engaged.'

So it goes that new entertainment systems in stadiums are joining the cheerleading squad. And there are big bucks going in to make sure the music sounds as good as those giant high-def scoreboards look.