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Fans Won’t Forget These Stadiums

Feb 27, 2015

Fans Won’t Forget These Stadiums

International Competition Awards Sports Arenas FeaturingTechnology Systems by Pro Media / UltraSound

The votes are in. Cast by a record-setting 96,772 sports fans from 136 countries in voting that closed on February 17, European-based Stadium Database tallied the numebrs and declared the 32 best football stadiums in the world.

Two of the three American football stadiums on the list were made more memorable by entertainment systems implemented by technology specialists Pro Media / UltraSound (PM/US). Stadium of the Year number 26, the brand-new Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, and number 27, a sparkling addition to Baylor University’s campus in Waco, Texas, McLane Stadium, make a lasting impression on fans and players with immersive and engaging video content and music systems that can shake the stands and deliver a clear play-by-play.

The Stadium Database list of 2014 winners is diverse, with project costs ranging from $9.9 million all the way up to $1.4 billion. Somewhat surprisingly, budget level was not directly proportional to the rankings, which goes to show that a well-designed facility with all the right entertainment touches can go a long way toward impressing fans.

That’s the philosophy taken by the PM/US team. “You can buy all the best sound system gear and put in a giant video scoreboard, but if you don’t put in the time and effort when it comes to content and operation during events, then it will fall flat,” notes Ted Leamy, COO of PM/US. “It all comes down to the operator. The right training and a basic understanding of how high and low a system can go will go a long way to knocking fans’ socks off.”