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Tuning Up of Dodgers Stadium

Apr 06, 2015

Tuning Up of Dodgers Stadium

In true Hollywood style, there was some major star power on the field for opening day at Dodgers Stadium. Major musical talent opened the game, so major that industry pub Music Times gave LA credit for the number-one star-spangled spectacle to start the season.

Not only was fan-favorite Tinashe singing the national anthem, the Dodgers brought in hitmaker Kendrick Lamar to throw the first pitch. Music is clearly a big part of the ongoing modernization of this iconic ballpark.

There is a whole roster of coaches for every other position on the field, but who coaches the musical talent? Turns out there’s spring training for sound systems, too. Some heavy-hitting audio guys have been working behind the scenes for the past week, tweaking and tuning up all the new music and sound components that were installed last year in an earlier phase of the stadium’s renovation.

“We’re here to make sure the machine’s working on all cylinders, checking that everything works, and that the same great sound coverage and high-energy system is still working well for the new season,” notes Ted Leamy, who can be found pushing faders for sound systems at major stadiums all over the country.

Leamy and fellow sound “coach” from the Bay Area’s Pro Media / UltraSound, Jim Kinsella, have been in and around all the system upgrades at Dodger Stadium from the start, working from an audio design blueprint developed specifically for the iconic stadium by Kevin Day a senior consultant at sports’ biggest music and sound boosters, Wrightson, Johnson, Haddon and Williams in Dallas, Texas.

So artists, baseball players and fans should all feel pretty good about the energy levels in the stadium this season. The system is ready to roar in the modernization of the game in one of the nation’s most historic parks.