Our services

Our total solutions approach is comprised of a wide array of specific services, each focusing on the management, technologies and implementation required for each aspect of a project. These services not only outline our individual capabilities and depth of experience, but taken as a whole, clearly illustrate the breadth of managerial discipline we offer. Regardless of the scope of your project, we can scale the deployment of our services to provide the solution you need in the most efficient manner possible.

Our Services


Project Analysis
and design

Every project starts with a top to bottom analysis of the requirements necessary to achieve the goal. Producing a detailed outline allows us to review every aspect of the project to review and refine. Based on this, we can engage in a full design of every aspect of the project detailing architectural, technical, resources, materials, timeline, and budget.


Following analysis and design, nothing is left to chance as we provide full project management and direction. Planning, implementation, testing, delivery and installation are all included and ensure that the original vision is achieved.

cable plant

Pro Media / UltraSound’s trained staff is qualified with years of experience in fiber optics installation. Our mastery of this cutting edge technology ensures the fastest, most efficient delivery of communications and content with the lowest power requirements, optimum signal clarity and greatest cost efficiency.


We ensure seamless Audio and Video integration utilizing control system programming that can be scaled to any size project. Our many years of experience in all aspects of the audio and video stream guides the integrity of every project regardless of scope and size.

Control systems

At the heart of every system we design, is a comprehensive control logic that integrates a fully redundant high bandwidth matrix of switchers and controllers. Regardless of size or complexity, we provide proper integration of control and automation which is key to logical and fault tolerant audio/video switching and processing, including video scaling, customizable digital signage, and video overlays.

Digital signage

Regardless of the complexity of the design infrastructure, the key to a project's success is ultimately based on maximizing excitement for your customers. Digital signage is transformative in this context which is good for commanding a market and building profitability. We provide and install a wide array of the industry's leading commercial displays, from small individual units to immersive video walls.

Digital content

Among our many assets is our extensive network of creative and production resources which gives us the capability of bringing together exclusive content with the latest technology to deliver customized digital content for your venue. Blending video, audio and text, we can create an experience that fully immerses your audience in your environment and brand.


Key to the design and build process is providing full knowledge of how to operate, troubleshoot and maintain your system for top notch performance and maximum efficiency. Our staff is expert at imparting detailed hands-on operational expertise as well as systems level understanding so your staff will always be in full control.


Top level decision making is maintained at the venue through development and delivery of training programs that cover daily operation, system maintenance and trouble shooting, as well as full understanding of how to enhance the system and content to evolve your customer's experience.


Once the project is completed, and even if your staff is trained and capable, there might be the need for additional support. We can provide extensively trained operating technicians to augment your staff in whatever capacity necessary.


When needed, our qualified, factory trained service personnel will maintain and or repair audio and video equipment at your site. Maintenance plans are available for existing and new systems. Qualified service personnel will maintain audio and video equipment ensuring 100% uptime. All Pro Media / UltraSound’s technicians are experienced and have received extensive manufacturer's training. We also offer operators and maintenance engineers after your project is complete to ensure no downtime or mechanical failure.


Often there is critical audio content that is either degraded and needs full restoration or needs to be converted from analog to digital. Our deep expertise in audio can be deployed for any of these services as well as identifying obsolete or subpar components in the signal path that require replacement, upgrading, or tweaking to maximize system performance.

System Optimization

When it is desirable to continue with a fully deployed system that is not achieving maximum performance potential, we can engineer an optimization solution that identifies improved work processes and optimization methods, as well as risk management tools.